Selection Process

The DoD HBCU/MI Summer Research Internship Program selection process has four phases. Phase 1 verifies the applicant’s eligibility, Phase 2 is application review and selection for interviews by mentors, Phase 3 is final DoD program office selection and acceptance, and Phase 4 is the successful completion of a background investigation. You must pass all four phases to be accepted for an internship.

Phase 1: Applicant Eligibility

During phase 1, the application pool is reviewed and verified to comply with eligibility requirements. This review confirms citizenship, academic discipline, GPA, and the applicant’s enrollment status or graduation from an eligible institution. All eligibility requirements must be met to move to phase 2.

Phase 2: Mentor Selections

During phase 2, mentors from participating laboratories will review the eligible applicants and conduct interviews with applicants. Please note that not every applicant will receive an interview. The mentors recommend program selection and will have the potential intern sign a Partnership Agreement Form (PAF). Please note that applicants should sign only ONE PAF. If two mentors provide a PAF for one student, the PAF the administrator received first will be considered the mentor moving forward with that student. To move to phase 3, the mentor must submit a signed Partnership Agreement Form to the program administrator.

Phase 3: DoD Program Office Acceptance

During phase 3, Partnership Agreement Forms are reviewed, and an offer letter is sent to the DoD Program Office for approval. Once the DoD Program Office approves an offer letter, it will be sent to the applicant for signature. Selected applicants must sign and return the offer letter within two business days. Please note that a student who signs the offer letter but then does not participate in the program may not be eligible for participation in future years of the program.

Phase 4: Successful Background Investigation

During phase 4, a successful background investigation must be received. The administrative office will walk the selected intern through getting their fingerprints and completing the correct forms. If the intern does not receive a favorable background check, they cannot move forward with the program. Please note that some background investigations take longer than others.

Applicants must complete all four phases.


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