The DoD HBCU/MI Summer Research Internship Program is an annual summer research program offered to current students and recent graduates who studied STEM disciplines at HBCUs/MIs. The program provides a bridge between classrooms and real-world experiences and aims to increase the number of minority scientists and engineers who choose careers with the DoD. Interns receive hands-on experience at one of the DoD facilities during their internships and can apply this knowledge to further their career and education goals. These DoD facilities are at the forefront of innovation in STEM.

The DoD relies on a strong, STEM-capable workforce to achieve critical functions of its mission. From discovering emerging technologies to developing the next-generation workforce, DoD depends on brilliant STEM professionals to continue to innovate. The HBCU/MI Program plays an important role in helping the DoD strengthen its agile scientific footprint by engaging with the next generation of STEM talent during summer internships. By providing a forum for standout STEM scholars to present their own research at symposiums attended by DoD scientists and engineers, DoD remains on the cutting edge of innovation.

The HBCU/MI Program is sponsored by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering and is designed to foster student interest in STEM education and careers in DoD while supporting the DoD’s objective of developing a diverse, motivated, and highly skilled civilian workforce.

Participants conduct research relevant to the defense mission under the supervision of DoD scientists and engineers in DoD facilities across the nation.

FY 2023 Highlights →

Primary Objectives

  • Include HBCU/MI students and recent graduates in DoD research activities
  • Increase the visibility of DoD program, activities, and opportunities among HBCU/MI faculty, students, and recent graduates
  • Ensure program participants are trained, mentored, and equipped for STEM careers
  • Increase the number of graduates, including underrepresented minorities, in STEM fields important to the defense mission